Procedures for the Provost or AVP Search Committee

Approved by the Faculty Senate, January 22, 2002


1) Membership on the search committee will be agreed upon beforehand by the Faculty Association and the administration.  The FA will elect faculty representation to the search committee and reserves its right to replace faculty members if necessary.  Once the committee is formed and begins the search process, the search will continue until the committee has completed its business.


2)  A co-chair will be elected by the faculty (assuming the administration appoints a chair).


3)  The administration and the FA will agree upon a document that states standards of confidentiality and other legal constraints.  At the beginning of the procedures or at the first meeting, the FA leadership will provide faculty members with information about faculty rights and responsibilities on searches, including information about confidentiality requirements.  Faculty members will not abrogate their right to seek information about search procedures from the FA and the IFO.


4)  Minutes will be kept of all committee meetings and disseminated to all committee members before the next meeting.


5)  Internal communications within the committee (email, minutes of meetings, etc.) will not be open to administrative review.