2015-2016 Search Committees

Assistant Director for Health Promotions and Marketing in Student Health Services Search

Marcia Scherer (NURS)

Assistant Director Office of Clinical Experiences Search

Beverly Kochmann (COSE)
Janet Salk (SOE)

Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management (one IFO)

Kurt Helgeson (ETS/SCEE)

Associate Director of Graduate Admissions Search

Phyllis Greenberg (CLA)

Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Affairs (five IFO)

Jane Minnema (CFS/SOE)
Balsy Kasi (ETS/SCEE)
Sylvester Lamin (SW/SHHS)
Ajaykumar Panicker (SOC&ANTH/CLA)
Maureen Tubbiola (BIOL/COSE)

Associate Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs/Dean of School of Graduate Studies (five IFO)

Matt Julius (BIOL/COSE)
Debra Leigh (TH&FS/SOA)
Ajay Panicker (SOC&ANTH/CLA)
Merton Thompson (IM/SOE)
Dan Wildeson (CMST/CLA)

Chief Human Resources Officer

Melissa Prescott (LRS/SS)

Director of Business Advising

Dan Macari (SHHS)

Director-Traffic Safety Education Programs

Jerrill Anderson (Continuing Studies/SS); Kurt Helgeson (ETS/SCEE)

Education Abroad Advisor in the Center for International Studies

Jeffrey Cheng (AHS)

Student Relations Director CLA/SOA

Glenn Davis (ENGL/CLA)
Betsy Glade (HIST/CLA)