2013-2014 Search Committees

Assistant Director of Grants and Contracts

King Banaian ECON

Assistant Vice President for Safety and Risk Management Closed – Hired: Jesse Cashman

Mary Clifford CJ

Associate Director of Education Abroad Search Committee

John Harvey HIST

Associate Vice President of Center for International Studies Search

Beverly Kochmann COSE
Kyounghee Seo SOE
Michael Schwartz CLA

Dean of College of Science and Engineering Search

Tony Hansen AHS
William Cook BIOL
Nathan Winter CHEM&PHYS
Amos Olagunju CSCI
Yi Zheng ECE
Tony Akubue ETS
Dale Buske MATH&STAT
Steve Covey MME

Dean of Herberger Business School Search

Bill Hudson FIRE
Olivia Olivares SS/At-large
Garth Harris MKTG
James Tan MGMT
Susantha Herath IS

Dean of University College & Associate Provost for Student Success

Daniel Macari COUN & PSYC
Jennifer Quinlan LRS
Victoria Williams ALC
Steve Anderson SPEC

Faculty Director of Advising Search

Stephanie Houdek ALSC
Robert Weisman AHS

Online Student Success Coordinator Search

Victoria Williams ALC

Provost Search

Semya Hakim SOE
Daniel Macari SHHS
Keith Ewing SS
Roland Specht-Jarvis EC rep
Tracy Ore CMST
Matt Julius (COSE) COSE/SCEE
Linda Butenhoff SOPA
Michael Schechter HBS