Article 22 and Article 25 Procedures

BESI FAQ (February 2015)

Faculty Association Contributions Policy (Novemer 2015)

Faculty Association Oberservers at Department Meetings (Faculty Senate motion October 8, 2013)

Faculty Use of Computers (January 2003)

Faculty Resource Guide (Summer 2015 replaces Faculty Handbook)

General Education Process for Initial Alignment of Courses into the Goal Areas of the new SCSU Liberal Education Program (January 2010)

Handling of Allegations of Academic or Research Fraud and Serious Misconduct (December 1997 Faculty Senate approved)

IFO - MnSCU Master Agreement 2015-2017 (January 2016)

IFO - MnSCU Master Agreement 2017-2019 (October 2018)

Non-Renewal of Probationary Faculty (October 2008)

Process for Establishing Academic Centers (September 1998)

Retrenchment Related Materials from the IFO (Fall 2010)

Task Force for 1B.1 Action Plan (letter from President Potter September 2007)