Process for Initial Alignment of Courses into the Goal Areas of the new SCSU Liberal Education Program (to go into effect in August 2010)


The abbreviated curriculum approval process described below will be used for courses that are:


A.  already designated as general education (i.e. in the old program that is going away);

B.  existing SCSU courses 1) not yet general education and 2) needing no more than 35% change to fit in one or two goal areas.


The normal curriculum process must be used for the following:


A.  courses that need more than 35% change to fit into the new program (New Course Form);

B.  new courses being created for the program (New Course Form); and

C.  “experiences” being proposed as fulfilling a goal area (Special Curriculum Form).



The Abbreviated Curriculum Approval Process


1.     Each Department or Program decides which courses their unit wishes to have in the “SCSU Liberal Education” program. 

2.     The Department decides which submission procedure it wishes to use:

a.     Submit all proposals for the department or for individual programs in a package (preferred method), OR

b.    Have individual faculty submit proposals as completed.  Keep in mind Department or Program Director must sign the transmittal form.

3.     For each course:

a.     Decide which one or two goal areas will be met.

b.    Complete the GE form for each goal area to be met.

c.     Complete the Transmittal Form (GETF).

4.     Send the form(s) for each course via email to:

a.  (General Education Committee) for posting on the General Education webpage and evaluation

b. (Academic Affairs) for publication in the Curriculum Bulletin

c.     Dean of the College of the originating department or unit (for information purposes)

d.    Chair of the College Curriculum Committee for the college of the originating department or unit (for information purposes)

GEC recommends that these electronic copies be sent with receipt requested.

5.     The General Education Committee will evaluate the courses recommended by departments for inclusion in the new SCSU Liberal Education Program.  In particular, the GEC will look at explanations of how courses meet the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and whether they comprise a “significant” part of the course.  The GEC will ask for additional information as needed.  The Chair of the GEC will sign the transmittal form and electronically send with the committee’s  recommendations to the University Curriculum Committee Chair. 

6.     The UCC will decide to approve or disapprove the recommendations of the GEC and the UCC Chair will sign the transmittal form and send it electronically to the Faculty Association Office with the UCC minutes.

7.     The UCC minutes will go to the Faculty Association Senate for approval as per the normal curriculum process.  The FA President will sign the transmittal form and send it electronically to Academic Affairs after approval of the FA Senate minutes.