Approved by Faculty Senate 11/3/15 FA Contributions Policy


1)     At the beginning of each semester the Treasurer and the FA President will recommend to the Executive Committee (EC) an amount of money available to use for donations. This amount shall not exceed 5% of the total budget for the association for the semester.


2)     The EC will consider the amount available and make a recommendation to Faculty Senate, which will then make a final decision on the amount the FA is allowed to spend that semester.


3)     Requests for support from local non-profit will be considered for events intended to support

         Civil Rights Issues

         Gender and Diversity Equity

         Social Justice Issues

         Workers rights and union issues

         Fighting Racism in the Community

         Immigrant Issues

         Community Development.

         Human Rights

         Other issues of interest to the Faculty Association


Requests for charitable donations for annual budgets or for events intended primarily as fund raisers will not be considered.


4)     The EC will consider all appropriate requests received and will provide the senate with a recommendation regarding funding the request, along with a rationale for doing so. The Faculty Senate will make the final decision about funding any request. Awards shall be limited to one award per organization per academic year awarded only in Fall and Spring semesters.


5)     It shall be the policy of the organization that no more than the allocated amount shall be spent for these purposes in any given semester.


6)     The Faculty Association will not advertise itself as a charitable organization, but will consider requests as they are received.