Approved by FS 3/14/17


February 21, 2017, 3:30 pm Cascade Room

OFFICERS: Tom Hergert, Frances Kayona, Tracy Ore, Tina Sacin

IFO BOARD: Debra Leigh, Mark Jaede

NEGOTIATOR: Shawn Jarvis

MAJOR COLLEGE/UNIT REPRESENTATIVES: (CLA) John Harvey, Debra Japp; (COSE) Matt Julius; (HBS) Bill Hudson; (SCEE) Tony Hansen; (SHHS) Laura Finch; (SOA) VACANT; (SOE) Steve Hornstein; (SOPA) Dick Andzenge; (SS) Cindy Gruwell

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS (CLA): (ANTH) Rob Mann; (CMST) VACANT, David Warne, Eddah Mutua; (ENGL) John Madden, Jamie Heiman, VACANT; (ETHS & WS) Miguel Chavez; (FORL) Agustin Boyer; (HIST) VACANT, VACANT; (COMM) VACANT; (PHIL) Paul Neiman; (PSYC) Leslie Valdes, Jody Illies; (SOC) Ann Finan

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (COSE): (BIOL) Louise Millis, Mark Minger, Ryan Fink; (CHEM) Jake Rafferty, Mike Jeannot; (MATH & STAT) Ravi Kalia, Bill Branson, Michael Ernst; (PHYS) Chris Nelson


SCHOOL OF COMPUTING, ENGINEERING & ENVIRONMENT(SCEE): (AHS) Alan Srock; (CSCI & IT) Amos Olagunju, Jayantha Herath; (ECE) Aiping Yao; (ETS) Tony Akubue; (MME) Julianna Zhao

SCHOOL OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES (SHHS): (CSD) GN Rangamani; (COUN & PSYC) Martin Guo, Trae Downing; (GERO) Rona Karasik; (Kinesiology) Giovanni Antunez; (NURS) Victoria Hammer, Pamela Rickbeil; (SW) Patience Togo Malm

SCHOOL OF THE ARTS (SOA): (ART) Julie Baugnet, Kathryn Gainey; (MUS) Kristian Twombly, VACANT; (TH & FS) Christopher Jordan

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (SOE): (CFS) JoAnn Johnson; (ELHE) VACANT; (HURL) Semya Hakim; (IM) Merton Thompson; (SPED) Bradley Kaffar; (ED) VACANT, VACANT

SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS (SOPA): (CJ) VACANT; (ECON) Monica Garcia-Perez; (GEOG & PLAN) Kevin Ahlgren, VACANT; (POL) Shoua Yang, Shawn Schooley

SPECIAL SERVICES (SS): (AS) Geoffrey Tabakin, Laurie Yourk; (ATHL) VACANT, VACANT; (CONT STUDIES) VACANT; (COUNS) Steve Jenkins; (LRS) Jennifer Quinlan, Jo Flanders
GUESTS: Glenn Davis, Mike Sharp


1)   Call to order at 3:40 pm


2)   Act on Minutes

a.) Faculty Senate minutes of February 7, 2017 (FS022117 2.a)—motions

Motion to approve Faculty Senate minutes of February 7, 2017, and all actions included—(Jaede/Tabakin). Passed


b.) Executive Committee minutes—none to approve at this time.

c.)  UCC minutes from February 2, 9, and 16, 2017 (FS022117 2.c.1-2.c.3)—motions acted on below.

d.) Graduate Committee minutes from February 5, 2017, and Graduate Faculty Status Policy and Procedure (FS022117 2.d.1-2.d.2)—motions acted on below.


3)   Treasurer’s Report—no report today.


4)   Consent Agenda

a.) Student Success Advisory Council (SHHS rep/2020): Laura Finch (Kinesiology)

b.) IFO Assessment for Course Placement Subcommittee of the Academic Affairs Council: Stephanie Houdek (Math Skills Center/SS/2020)

c.)  Search Committee for Dean of University Library: Tina Gross (UL/SS), Cindy Gruwell (UL/SS), Melissa Prescott (UL/SS), Tracy Ore (SOC/CLA)

Motion to approve the Consent Agenda—(Julius/Jaede). Passed


5)   Special Elections

a.) Search Committee for Dean of SOE (replacement for resignation): Yun Claire Park (IM/SOE); Kristen Carlson (IM/SOE)


6)   Call for Additional Agenda Items—Reassigned Time for FA President/VP (Harvey)


7)   Announcements

a.) Grievance Update—brief update given.

b.) Negotiation Update—emailed earlier today.

c.)  Provost and President Updates—update given.

d.) Budget Review Committee Update/Meeting 2/22/17—announced.


8)   Unfinished Business


9)   New Business

a.) Glenn Davis (Mike Sharp and David Warne) Time Certain 4:00 pm—guests were introduced and spoke to Faculty Senate.

b.) Final Candidates of FA Officers (deadline 2/21/17). Candidate Forum at 2:30 pm on 3/14/17 in Cascade right before Faculty Senate:

·         FA President (2017-19): Tom Hergert (UL/SS)

·         FA Vice President (2017-19): Mark Jaede (HIST/CLA)

·         IFO Board member (2017-19): Geoffrey Tabakin (ALC/SS), Shawn Schooley (POL/SOPA)

Motion to officially accept the FA Officer nominations for the spring ballot—(Valdes/Hudson). Passed

c.)  UCC motions. Passed

d.) Graduate Committee motion—to be finished next Faculty Senate.

e.) Reassigned Time for FA President/VP


10.)Adjournment at 5:16 pm


Submitted by Polly Chappell, Faculty Association Administrative Assistant