Approved by FS 12/6/16


November 22, 2016 3:30 pm Cascade Room

OFFICERS: Tom Hergert, Frances Kayona, Tracy Ore, Tina Sacin

IFO BOARD: Debra Leigh, Mark Jaede

NEGOTIATOR: Shawn Jarvis

MAJOR COLLEGE/UNIT REPRESENTATIVES: (CLA) John Harvey, Debra Japp; (COSE) Matt Julius; (HBS) Bill Hudson; (SCEE) Tony Hansen; (SHHS) Laura Finch; (SOA) VACANT; (SOE) Steve Hornstein; (SOPA) Dick Andzenge; (SS) Cindy Gruwell

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS (CLA): (ANTH) Rob Mann; (CMST) VACANT, David Warne, Eddah Mutua; (ENGL) John Madden, Jamie Heiman, VACANT; (ETHS & WS) Miguel Chavez; (FORL) Agustin Boyer; (HIST) VACANT, VACANT; (COMM) VACANT; (PHIL) Paul Neiman; (PSYC) Leslie Valdes, Jody Illies; (SOC) Ajay Panicker

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (COSE): (BIOL) Louise Millis, Mark Minger, Ryan Fink; (CHEM) Jake Rafferty, Mike Jeannot; (MATH & STAT) Ravi Kalia, Bill Branson, Michael Ernst; (PHYS) Chris Nelson


SCHOOL OF COMPUTING, ENGINEERING & ENVIRONMENT(SCEE): (AHS) Alan Srock; (CSCI & IT) Amos Olagunju, Jayantha Herath; (ECE) Aiping Yao; (ETS) Tony Akubue; (MME) Julianna Zhao

SCHOOL OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES (SHHS): (CSD) GN Rangamani; (COUN & PSYC) Martin Guo, Trae Downing; (GERO) Rona Karasik; (Kinesiology) Giovanni Antunez; (NURS) Victoria Hammer, Pamela Rickbeil; (SW) Patience Togo Malm

SCHOOL OF THE ARTS (SOA): (ART) Julie Baugnet, Kathryn Gainey; (MUS) Kristian Twombly, VACANT; (TH & FS) Christopher Jordan

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (SOE): (CFS) JoAnn Johnson; (ELHE) VACANT; (HURL) Semya Hakim; (IM) Merton Thompson; (SPED) Bradley Kaffar; (ED) VACANT, VACANT

SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS (SOPA): (CJ) VACANT; (ECON) Monica Garcia-Perez; (GEOG & PLAN) Kevin Ahlgren, VACANT; (POL) Shoua Yang, Shawn Schooley

SPECIAL SERVICES (SS): (AS) Geoffrey Tabakin, Laurie Yourk; (ATHL) VACANT, VACANT; (CONT STUDIES) VACANT; (COUNS) Steve Jenkins; (LRS) Jennifer Quinlan, Jo Flanders


1)   Call to order at 3:39 pm


2)   Act on Minutes

a.) Faculty Senate minutes of November 8, 2016 (FS112216 2.a)—motions

Motion to approve Faculty Senate minutes of November 8, 2016, and all actions included—(Jarvis/Fink). Passed


b.) Executive Committee Minutes from November 1, 2016 (FS112216 2.b)—filed.

c.)  GLBTA Issues Committee Minutes from November 7, 2016  (FS112216 2.c)—filed.

d.) Graduate Committee Minutes from October 4, 2016, Implementation Flow Chart, and Minutes from November 1, 2016 (FS112216 2.d.1-2.d.3)—motions

e.) UCC Minutes from November 3 & November 10, 2016 (FS112216 2.e.1-2.e.2)—motions

f.)   Service-Learning Advisory Committee Minutes from September 28, 2016 (FS112216 2.f)—motion


3)   Treasurer’s Report—no report today.


4)   Consent Agenda

a.) Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Education Search Committee (four faculty representatives): Ryan Fink (BIOL/COSE), Balsy Kasi (ETS/SCEE) withdrawn, Kelly Branam Macauley (ANTH/CLA); Plamen Miltenoff (LRS/SS); Maureen Tubbiola (BIOL/COSE)

Motion to approve Consent Agenda—(Jarvis/Warne). Passed


5)   Special Elections—none.


6)   Call for Additional Agenda Items—none.


7)   Announcements

a.) Grievance Update—no report.

b.) Negotiation Update—Jarvis gave an update. The team met November 3rd and 4th and they went through all the delegate assembly resolutions. If you have information, please let her know and she will share the language. Some resolutions cannot be worked on because they are not contractual. There was discussion.

c.)  Provost and President Updates—Hergert met with the President last Monday and they discussed his open forum. It was well attended. Kayona and Hergert met with the Provost and he had a plan for faculty position allocation in to four areas: fixed cost (fulltime permanent positions); variable expenses (contingent faculty, fixed term, adjuncts); retirements and resignations; and leave of absence (sabbatical, etc.). They are also discussion limitations on what deans can ask chairs to do in the 28 extra duty days. There was discussion.

d.) Information Technology Assessment with Faculty, including TPR on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 11-12:30 in Glacier North—announced.

e.) Spring Election Schedule (FS112216 7.e)—announced.

f.)   SOE Dean Search—opportunity to add to NOV if done rapidly. All volunteers will be invited next week to work on the NOV, and they will be appointed next Faculty Senate.


8)   Unfinished Business

a.) FA Constitution and Operating Procedures Drafts (FS112216 8.a.1-8.a.2) VOTE Today on changes to the FA Constitution and the new Operating Procedures: Approved—Passed.  

b.) Motion from Graduate Committee Minutes October 4, 2016 and Implementation Flow Chart supporting scenario A (postponed last meeting for senators to take back to departments)—there was discussion.

Motion to postpone indefinitely—(Ore/Tabakin). Passed


9)   New Business

a.) EC Recommendation: Motion to recommend the Constitutional Revisions to the Faculty Senate, and remind Faculty Senate that it will not be amended on the senate floor. Passed

b.) Graduate Committee Motions from November 1, 2016 minutes. Passed

c.)  UCC Motions from November 3. Passed; UCC Motions from November 10, 2016 minutes. Passed

d.) Service-Learning Advisory Committee Motion from September 28, 2016 minutes. Passed

e.) SOE Dean Search Representatives

Motion that the search committee for the Dean of the School of Education include one member from a Teacher Education Unit external to the SOE. —(Finch/Gruwell). Passed


10.)Adjournment at 4:49 pm


Submitted by Polly Chappell, Faculty Association Administrative Assistant