FS022415 2.b
Final Approved by EC 2/17/15 and FS 2/24/15

Executive Committee Minutes

February 3, 2015

Attendance: (Those present indicated by an underline)

Officers: FA President Roland Specht-Jarvis, Past President and Vice President Steve Hornstein, Secretary Joe Melcher, Treasurer Lisa Splittgerber

IFO Board Members: Jack McKenna, Debra Leigh 

Unit Representatives: CLA: Tracy Ore (SOC&ANTH), John Harvey (HIST); COSE: Ravi Kalia; HBS: Susantha Herath (IS); SCEE: Tony Hansen (EAS); SoA: Matt Ferrell (MUSIC); SoE: Frances Kayona (EDAD); SHHS: Laura Finch; SPA: David Wall (GEOG&PLAN); SPEC: Steve Jenkins (COUNS)

Negotiator: Shawn Jarvis (FORL)


1)   Call to order at 3:25 PM


2)   Approval of Minutes:
a)  Executive Committee Minutes January 20, 2015 (EC020315 2.a)

Motion to approve EC minutes of January 20, 2015, and all actions included—(Ore/Wall). Passed


3)   Treasurer’s Report—brief report given regarding the need to look at SCSU FA’s budget after June 2015.


4)   Announcements/Status Reports

a)   Grievances—report given.

b)   Negotiations—next meeting scheduled for Feb 5th and 6th.

c)   IFO Board Report (EC020315 4.c.1-4.c.2)—Specht-Jarvis distributed copies of IFO agenda and 2015 legislative goals.

d)   Subcommittee on Committee Report (Hornstein, Harvey, McKenna, Finch)—nothing to report.


5)   Call for new agenda items—none.


6)   Unfinished Business

a)   New M&C items—EC will request any updates to Comprehensive Facilities plan.

b)   M&C Agenda for February 5, 2015 (EC020315 6.b.1-6.b.3)—reviewed.

c)   Direct Admit into Major (Finch)—keep on agenda for Finch’s return to EC—not discussed.

d)   Status of minutes on FA website (Harvey)—Discussion of whether SCSU FA should limit online openness. Other campus FAs differ in what they put online. Mankato puts up everything publicly, like SCSU’s FA. All other FAs require passwords for certain areas.


7)   New Business

a)   Letter by Jim Grabowska, IFO President (EC020315 7.a.1-7.a.2)—there was discussion.

b)   Volunteers for FA President, FA Vice President, and one IFO Board Member (all two-year terms) final deadline February 24, 2015—announced.

c)   Budget—Financial Recovery Plan from Tammy McGee (EC020315 7.c)—there was discussion.

d)   Lobby Day Participation February 25-26, 2015—we need a member to join the group. Two days: Day 1: meetings with IFO staff and others regarding how to lobby; day 2: breakfast meeting with legislators.

e)   TPI Update (Hornstein) (EC020315 7.e)—discussed potential changes to governance structure and process document.

Motion to extend meeting by 10 minutes—(Melcher/seconded). Passed.


8)   Adjournment at 5:25 PM