FS021015 2.b
Approved by EC 2/3/15 and FS 2/10/15

Executive Committee Minutes

January 20, 2015


Attendance: (Those present indicated by an underline)

Officers: FA President Roland Specht-Jarvis, Past President and Vice President Steve Hornstein, Secretary Joe Melcher, Treasurer Lisa Splittgerber

IFO Board Members: Jack McKenna, Debra Leigh 

Unit Representatives: CLA: Tracy Ore (SOC&ANTH), John Harvey (HIST); COSE: Ravi Kalia; HBS: Susantha Herath (IS); SCEE: Tony Hansen (EAS); SoA: Matt Ferrell (MUSIC); SoE: Frances Kayona (EDAD); SHHS: Laura Finch; SPA: David Wall (GEOG&PLAN); SPEC: Steve Jenkins (COUNS)

Negotiator: Shawn Jarvis (FORL)

Guests: Pat Arseneault and Kathryn Engdahl (IFO attorneys); Jamie Heiman, Mark Jaede, Paul Neiman, Jayantha Herath, Jennifer Tuder, Dick Andzenge, JoAnn Gasparino, Tina Sacin, Semya Hakim, and Patience Togo (Grievance Committee Members)


1)   Call to order at 3:15 pm; Specht-Jarvis introduced the IFO attorneys, Pat Arseneault and Kathryn Engdahl. Executive Committee started at 4:37 pm.


2)   Approval of Minutes:
a)  Executive Committee Minutes December 9, 2014 (EC012015 2.a)

Motion to approve EC minutes of December 9, 2014, and all actions included—(Leigh/Wall). Passed


3)   Treasurer’s Report—no report at this time. Donna Blake at the IFO added the additional $10,000 allocation to the SCSU account.


4)   Announcements/Status Reports

a)   Grievances—brief report given.

b)   Negotiations—the team will meet in February 2015. No report at this time.

c)   Constitutional Committee—Harvey gave a brief report; the constitution is coming along.


5)   Call for new agenda items—Direct Admit into Major (Finch); status of minutes on the FA website (Harvey)


6)   Unfinished Business

a)   New M&C items—CETL committee and CETL technology training

b)   Subcommittee on Committee Report (Hornstein, Harvey, McKenna, Finch)—no report; the committee needs to meet again.

c)   Steering Committee Functions (EC012015 6.c)—Specht-Jarvis would like advice from EC on continuity on the committee. Currently there are two IFO reps: Specht-Jarvis and Steve Hornstein. There was discussion. EC suggested that the two IFO reps continue and when new reps are elected they can take over this spring. Specht-Jarvis and Hornstein will try to plan to have lunch with other union leaders.

Motion that the EC encourages the two Steering Committee reps to recommend a process allowing departments and programs to respond to the preliminary recommendations—(McKenna/Hornstein). Passed


7)   New Business

a.) Pat Arseneault and Kathryn Engdahl/Grievance Committee 3:15-4:15 pm—IFO attorneys addressed EC and Grievance Committee regarding filing grievances. Arseneault explained the difference between grievance officers and grievance committee members. Only offices can file grievances. Grievances need one authorized grievance officer’s signature, along with the grievant signature. It is up to each campus to decide when to file a grievance. It is a process question that might be a matter of best practices or in the local FA constitution. FA Presidents are authorized grievance signers however the IFO prefers that the FA Presidents do not file and sign all grievances. There was a session of questions, answers, and discussion. The following past motion was brought to the attention of the committees:


Effective May 1, 2006, the policy of the Faculty Association at St. Cloud State University shall be that Grievances shall only go forward when the Grievance Committee chair, in consultation with the FA President (or President Elect in his/her absence), has determined that the action to be grieved is a violation of the IFO MNSCU Agreement, and that the requested remedy is consistent with the terms of that agreement. In particularly complicated cases, or when the FA President or the President Elect is a personal party to the grievance, consultation with the IFO Labor Relations Director shall take place.


Because the Faculty Association is a party to all grievances, we reserve the right to reject remedies requested by the grievant or offered by the administration.


b.) Direct Admit into Major (Finch)—discussed briefly; will remain on agenda until Finch returns in late February.

c.)  Status of minutes on the FA website (Harvey)—not discussed.


8)   Adjournment at 5:17 pm


Submitted by Polly Chappell, SCSU FA Administrative Assistant