FS012715 2.b
Final Approved by EC 1/20/15 and FS 1/27/15

Executive Committee Minutes

December 9, 2014


Attendance: (Those present indicated by an underline)

Officers: FA President Roland Specht-Jarvis, Past President and Vice President Steve Hornstein, Secretary Joe Melcher, Treasurer Lisa Splittgerber

IFO Board Members: Jack McKenna, Debra Leigh 

Unit Representatives: CLA: Tracy Ore (SOC&ANTH), John Harvey (HIST); COSE: Ravi Kalia; HBS: Susantha Herath (IS); SCEE: Tony Hansen (EAS); SoA: Matt Ferrell (MUSIC); SoE: Frances Kayona (EDAD); SHHS: Laura Finch; SPA: David Wall (GEOG&PLAN); SPEC: Steve Jenkins (COUNS)

Negotiator: Shawn Jarvis (FORL)


1)   Call to order at 3:25 pm


2)   Approval of Minutes:
a)  Executive Committee Minutes November 18, 2014 (EC120914 2.a)

Motion to approve EC minutes of November 18, 2014, and all actions included—(McKenna/Melcher). Passed


3)   Treasurer’s Report—Specht-Jarvis requested additional funds at the IFO Board; and they approved up to $10,000 based on budgetary needs until the end of the academic year. There was discussion.


4)   Announcements/Status Reports

a)   Grievances—report given. There was discussion. Pat Arseneault and Kathryn Engdahl have been invited to speak to EC and the Grievance Committee on January 20, 2015, 3:15-5:15 pm about the grievance process.

Motion to go into Executive Session with staff present—(Wall/Melcher). Passed

Motion to go out of Executive Session—(Hornstein/McKenna). Passed


b)   Negotiations—Specht-Jarvis gave an update on the contract. There is a Negotiations meeting February 5 & 6, 2015. Stanton’s last day is December 31, 2015. Util then he will only be working on retirement issues; Jonathan Bohn is Stanton’s replacement for legislation and negotiation issues.

c)   Subcommittee on Committee Report (Hornstein, Harvey, McKenna, Finch)—Thursday, December 18, 2014 at noon-1 at the SOC.

d)   IFO Board Update—Specht-Jarvis reported that Nayenga’s request for retirement was approved at the IFO Board ending June 30, 2015; Chappell will start working 30 hours/week on July 1, 2015. There was discussion about faculty back pay and verifying the numbers. The issue of paying adjuncts who are no longer employed was discussed. The FA will resend the email regarding this matter. Senior to sophomore varying policies at different universities was discussed at the IFO; EC also discussed the issue. Specht-Jarvis will request SCSU information regarding instructors, departments, and student numbers. Harvey gave an update from the four-year institution’s University Action Coordinators meeting he attended and they discussed the senior to sophomore situation as well. He provided a handout to EC.


5)   Call for new agenda items—Managing the budget (Specht-Jarvis); Husky Compact final draft and implementation (Hornstein); Grievance Committee Grievance Officers (McKenna); Printing Issues (Wall)


6)   Unfinished Business

a)   New M&C items—M&C for Thursday was cancelled. DAC communications and minutes will be added to the agenda. Specht-Jarvis will check on the status of getting minutes from past meetings.

b)   Constitution and Action Committee (Harvey)—at a statewide Action Committee the idea of a local action committee was suggested. Harvey does not have a proposal but wanted to bring this to EC’s attention. There was discussion.

Motion for the SCSU FA EC to act as the local action committee until the FA constitution can be changed by Faculty Senate—(Wall/Kalia). Passed


7)   New Business

a)   Search Committee for Student Services Coordinator in Department of Nursing:  Jane Bagley (NURS)—to go to the first Faculty Senate.

Motion to appoint Jane Bagley of Nursing to the Search Committee for Student Services Coordinator—(McKenna/Hornstein). Passed


b)   Senate motion regarding TPI Center for Partnership (Harvey) (EC120914 7.b.1)—taken care of. This can come off the agenda.

c)   Back pay (EC120914 7.c.1)—if you see any problems, please contact the board member listed in the email.

d)   UCC Faculty Reps (EC120914 7.d)—Harvey explained the Constitutional Review Committee’s findings. There are 20 seats on the committee. There was discussion.

e)   Managing the budget (Specht-Jarvis)—there was discussion. Specht-Jarvis will meet with the Provost on Thursday and he may have more information to share with EC via email. This will remain on the agenda.

f)    Husky Compact draft and implementation—Hornstein spoke about this initiative because he is on Strategic Planning and the HLC Quality Initiative Steering Group. There was discussion.

g)   Grievance Committee Grievance Officers (McKenna)—discussed.

h)   Printing Issues (Wall)—Specht-Jarvis requested the information. There was discussion.

Motion to extend the meeting by five minutes—(Kayona/Wall). Passed


8)   Adjournment at 5:19 pm


Submitted by Polly Chappell, SCSU FA Administrative Assistant