FS012814 2.a





Final Approved by FS 1/28/14


January 14, 2014

OFFICERS: Steve Hornstein, Roland Specht-Jarvis, Susan Hubbs, Joe Melcher, Tom Hergert

IFO BOARD: Jack McKenna, Mark Jaede

NEGOTIATOR: Shawn Jarvis

MAJOR COLLEGE/UNIT REPRESENTATIVES: (CLA) Lisa Splittgerber, VACANT; (COSE) Ravi Kalia; (HBS) Susantha Herath; (SCEE) Tony Hansen; (SoE) Frances Kayona; (SHHS) Chaturi Edrisinha; (SPA) David Wall; (SoA) VACANT; (SPEC) Steve Jenkins

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS: (CMST) Jeffrey Ringer, Jennifer Senchea, VACANT; (ENGL) Carol Mohrbacher, Judy Dorn, Jamie Heiman, Judy Kilborn; (ETHS & WS) Christopher Lehman; (FORL) VACANT, VACANT; (HIST) John Harvey, Maureen O’Brien; (COMM) Niaz Ahmed; (PHIL) Kate Gill; (PSYC) Jody Illies, VACANT; (SOC & ANTH) Tracy Ore, Mark Muniz

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING: (AVIA) Steve Anderson; (BIOL) Matt Julius, Mark Minger; (CHEM & PHYS) Rebecca Krystyniak, Cassidy Dobson, Todd Vaccaro; (MATH & STAT) Bill Branson, Michael Ernst, Dale Buske

HERBERGER BUSINESS SCHOOL: (ACCT) VACANT; (FIRE) Bill Hudson; (IS) vacant; (MGMT) Larry Roth; (MKTG) JoAnn Asquith, Rajesh Gulati

SCHOOL OF COMPUTING, ENGINEERING & ENVIRONMENT: (AHS) Jean Hoff; (CSCI & IT) Amos Olagunju, Jayantha Herath; (ECE) Ling Hou; (ETS) Tony Akubue; (MME) Steven Covey

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION: (CFS) Fati Zarghami; (ELHE) Michael Mills; (HURL) Tamrat Tademe; (IM) Yun Jeong Park; (SPED) Janet Salk, Kyounghee Seo; (ED) Jerry Sparby, Joanne Larson

SCHOOL OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES: (CSD) Teri Estrem; (COUN & PSYC) Trae Downing, Tina Sacin; (GERO) Rona Karasik; (Kinesiology) Giovanni Antunez, Laura Finch; (NURS) Patricia Bresser, VACANT; (SW) Deola Brumbaugh-Johnson

SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS: (CJ) Dick Andzenge; (ECON) Monica Garcia-Perez, Eungmin Kang; (GEOG & PLAN) Eric Fuller, Aspasia Rigopoulou-Melcher; (POL) Shoua Yang

SCHOOL OF THE ARTS: (ART) Julie Baugnet, Kathryn Gainey; (MUS) vacant, Matt Ferrell; (TH & FS) Ilya Simakov

SPECIAL SERVICES: (LRS) Melissa Prescott, Olivia Olivares; (ALC) Stephanie Houdek; (COUNS) JoAnn Gasparino; (ATHL) VACANT



1)   Call to order at 3:20 pm


2)   Approval of Minutes

a.) Faculty Senate Minutes of December 3, 2013 (FS011414 2.a)

Motion to approve FS minutes of December 3, 2013, and all actions included—(Wall/seconded). Passed


b.) Executive Committee Minutes of November 22, 2013—filed; and December 10, 2013 (FS011414 2.b)

Motion to approve EC minutes of December 10, 2013, and all actions included—(Hergert/Wall). Passed


c.)  CETL Advisory Committee Minutes of October 28, 2013; and November 25, 2013 (FS011414 2.c.1-2.c.2)—filed.

d.) FA GLBTA Issues Committee Minutes of December 6, 2013 (FS011414 2.d)—filed.

e.) SCSU Safety Committee Minutes of November 27, 2013 (FS011414 2.e)—filed.

f.)  University Curriculum Committee (UCC) Minutes of December 5, 2013; and December 12, 2013 (FS011414 2.f.1-2.f.2)—there was discussion about STAT 242 and STAT 542.

Motion to approve UCC minutes of December 5, 2013, and all actions included except STAT 242 and STAT 542 separated out below—(Wall/Hergert). Passed


Motion to separate out STAT 242 and STAT 542 from the main motion—(J. Herath). Passed without objection


Motion to recognize Dien Phan—(Hergert/Buske). Passed


Motion to recognize Mark Schmidt—(Hergert/Wall). Passed


Motion to approve STAT 242 and STAT 542. Failed: In favor: 18; Opposed: 20; Abstentions: 7


Motion to approve UCC minutes of December 12, 2013, and all actions included—(Melcher/Hergert). Passed


3)   Treasurer’s Report

a.) No report today.


4)   Consent Agenda

a.) Search Committee for Dean of COSE (8 positions):

Tony Akubue (ETS)

Dale Buske (MATH&STAT)

Steve Covey (MME)

Tony Hansen (AHS)

Amos Olagunju (CSCI)

Nathan Winter (CHEM&PHYS)

Yi Zheng (ECE)

b.) Search Committee for Faculty Director of Advising (4 positions):

Stephanie Houdek (ALSC)

     Robert Weisman (AHS)

c.)  Institutional Animal Care and Use (1 position):

     Michael Pickle (SPED)

d.) SPC results:


Judy Kilborn 15 votes

Tracy Ore 8 votes

John Harvey 4 votes

Lisa Heinrich 2 votes


Jeff Johnson 6 votes

Sonia Goerdt 3 votes


Alexander Polacco 1 vote


Mark Petzold 13 votes

Anthony Akubue 11 votes


Laura Finch 1 vote


Kristian Twombly 1 vote


Kathy Johnson 1 vote

Ramon Serrano 1 vote (write in) (withdrawn)


Dick Andzenge 3 votes

Linda Butenhoff 1 vote


Jennifer Quinlan 12 votes

Steve Anderson 2 votes

e.) International Advisory Committee (from 9.a below): FA International Studies Committee appointed.

Motion to approve Consent Agenda—(Olivares/Wall). Passed


5)   Special Elections

a.) None.


6)   Call for New Agenda Items

a.) None.

7)    Announcements

a.) Grievance Update—Update given.

b.) Negotiations—Hornstein and Specht-Jarvis gave a report for Jarvis. MnSCU cancelled the January negotiations meeting.

c.)  Strategic Planning Elections Results (listed under Consent Agenda above)—there was discussion.

Motion to recognize Balsy Kasi—(Wall/S. Herath). Passed


Motion to move the elected SPC members forward—(Ore/Melcher). Amended


Motion to amend that the Faculty Senate recognizes the duly elected members of SPC to move forward—(Jaede/Ore). Passed


d.) Curriculum Process Update—nothing to report today. This is happening in Strategic Planning.

e.) Delegate Assembly—Hornstein announced that we need volunteers to attend Delegate Assembly. There was brief discussion.

8)   Unfinished Business

a.) Use of paper ballots in Faculty Senate (Finch)—to be removed from agenda.

b.) HLC Proposal (FS120313 9.b)—discussed.

Motion to suggest that the FA President bring to Administration that the word “from” be replaced with “representing” throughout proposal document for HLC—(Hergert/Gasparino). Passed


9)   New Business

a.) International Advisory Committee—Hornstein gave an update. Results listed above under Consent Agenda.

Motion to appoint the International Studies Committee to the International Advisory Committee—(Hergert/Jaede). Passed


b.) Constitutional changes (FS011414 9b.1-9.b.2)—Hornstein and Jaede explained the changes. There was discussion.

Motion to amend the term of the FA President and VP to be two years. During their terms the President and VP serve as IFO Board members. Both terms will be no longer than 4 years and both shall wait 4 years to run again—(Roth/Melcher). Withdrawn


Motion that any proposed amendments regarding the FA President and VP/President-elect terms be presented in the appropriate format for a first reading at the next Faculty Senate—(Ore/Olivares). Passed


Motion that the two proposals made today should be considered first readings and alternate proposals brought forward will be considered first readings at that time—(Hergert/seconded). Failed


c.)  Grants Timelines (FS011414 9.c)—not discussed.

d.) Shared Governance Document (FS011414 9.d)—not discussed.

e.) What Come to Meet and Confer (FS011414 9.e)—not discussed.


10)       Adjournment at 5:17 pm


Submitted by Polly Chappell, Faculty Association Administrative Assistant