FS091818 2.aFinal Approved 9/18/18 by FS


August 28, 2018, 3:30 pm Cascade Room


OFFICERS: Tom Hergert, Mark Jaede, Jamie Heiman, Tina Sacin

IFO BOARD: Debra Leigh, Shawn Schooley


MAJOR COLLEGE/UNIT REPRESENTATIVES: (CLA) VACANT, Debra Japp; (COSE) Matt Julius; (HBS) Bill Hudson; (SCEE) Tony Hansen; (SHHS) Laura Finch; (SOTA) Matt Ferrell; (SOE) Steven McCullar; (SOPA) Dick Andzenge; (SS) Cindy Gruwell

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS (CLA): (ANTH) Debra Gold; (CMST) Jen Tuder, David Warne, VACANT; (ENGL) John Madden, VACANT, VACANT; (GENDER & WS) Mumbi Mwangi; (FORL) Masha Mikolchak; (HIST) VACANT; (COMM) VACANT; (PHIL) VACANT; (PSYC) Jody Illies, Leslie Valdes; (SOC) Ann Finan

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (COSE): (BIOL) VACANT, Ryan Fink; (CHEM) Christina Cama, Nate Bruender; (MATH & STAT) Ravi Kalia, Bill Branson, Michael Ernst; (PHYS) Chris Nelson

HERBERGER BUSINESS SCHOOL (HBS): (ACCT) Amy Fredin; (FIRE) VACANT; (IS) Susantha Herath; (MGMT) VACANT; (MKTG) Rajesh Gulati

SCHOOL OF COMPUTING, ENGINEERING & ENVIRONMENT(SCEE): (AHS) Alan Srock; (CSIT) Amos Olagunju, Andy Anda; (ECE) Timothy Vogt; (ETS) Tony Akubue; (MME) Julianna Zhao

SCHOOL OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES (SHHS): (CSD) Teri Estrem; (COUN & PSYC) Martin Guo, Trae Downing; (GERO) Rona Karasik; (Kinesiology) Giovanni Antunez; (NURS) Victoria Hammer, Roxanne Wilson; (SW) Patience Togo Malm

SCHOOL OF THE ARTS (SOA): (ART) Julie Baugnet; (MUS) Kristian Twombly, VACANT; (TH & FS) Jeffrey Bleam

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (SOE): (CFS) Fati Zarghami; (ELHE) Rachel Friedensen; (HURL) Semya Hakim; (SPED) Jennifer Christensen; (ED) Jennifer Jay

SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS (SOPA): (CJ) VACANT; (ECON) Eungmin Kang; (GEOG & PLAN) Aspa Rigopoulou-Melcher, VACANT; (POL) Shoua Yang, Linda Butenhoff

SPECIAL SERVICES (SS): (AS) Geoffrey Tabakin, Steven Anderson; (ATHL) VACANT, VACANT; (CONT STUDIES) VACANT; (COUNS) Steve Jenkins;(UL) Robin Ewing, Jo Flanders


1.) Call to order/Welcome New Faculty Senators/Introductions at 3:37 pm


2.) Act on Minutes

a.) Faculty Senate minutes of April 24, 2018—approved by EC over the summer.

b.) Executive Committee minutes—none to approve at this time.

c.)  Safety Committee minutes of May 30 and July 25, 2018 (FS082818 2.c.1-2.c.2) file—to be filed at next meeting.


3.) Treasurer’s Report—no report.


4.) Consent Agenda—not discussed.

a.) Contingent Appointments Committee/IFO/2019/Fixed-term: Alex Polacco (MGMT/HBS)

b.) FA Government Relations Committee Special Appointment: Dick Andzenge (CJ/SOPA) to serve locally and at the IFO until 2019 as the Republican Co-chair


5.) Special Elections—none.


6.) Call for Additional Agenda Items—none.


7.) Announcements

a.) Grievance Update—none.

b.) Provost and President Meeting Updates—none.

c.)  Special Fall Elections for FA Standing Committees, CLA Major Unit Rep, and Strategic Planning Committee spots starting in fall 2019—more information to come from the IFO.


8.) Unfinished Business—none.


9.) New Business

a.) Proactive Conversations Pertaining to University Issues (standing EC item) IFO staff: Matt Smriga, Brent Jeffers, and Becky Omdahl Time Certain 3:45 pm—the guests addressed faculty senate and there was a question and answer session.

Motion to go into Executive Session—(Jaede/Hergert). Passed

Motion to go out of Executive Session—(Madden/Ernst). Passed

10.)Adjournment at 5:10 pm; meeting extended without a quorum.

Submitted by Polly Chappell,
FA/IFO Union Office Operations Coordinator