Approved by EC 3/12/19 & FS 3/19/19

Executive Committee Minutes

Maple Room, Atwood

February 12, 2019


Attendance: (Those present indicated by an underline)

Officers: FA President Tom Hergert, Vice President Mark Jaede, Secretary Jamie Heiman, Treasurer Tina Sacin

IFO Board Members: Debra Leigh, Shawn Schooley 

Unit Representatives: CLA: Debra Japp (CMST), Jen Tuder (CMST); COSE: Matt Julius (BIOL); HBS: Bill Hudson (FIRE); SCEE: Tony Hansen (EAS); SOTA: Matt Ferrell (MUSIC); SOE: Steven McCullar (ELHE); SHHS: Laura Finch (Kinesiology); SOPA: Dick Andzenge (CJ); SS: Cindy Gruwell (UL)

Negotiator: Tracy Ore (SOC)

Faculty of Color Caucus Representative: Ajay Panicker (SOC/CLA)

Contingent Appointment Representative: Jill Zasadny (Adjunct/ENGL/CLA)

Guests: Dan Gregory, Provost, and La Vonne Cornell-Swanson, Associate Provost


1)   Call to order at 3:30 pm


2)   Approval of Minutes

a)   EC minutes of January 15, 2019 (EC021219 2.a)

Motion to approve EC minutes of January 15, 2019, and all actions included—(Tuder/Gruwell). Passed


3)   Treasurer’s Report—no report.


4)   Announcements/Status Reports

a)   Grievances—brief report given.

b)   Provost and President Meetings Updates—no report given.

c)    Negotiations—the team met and will meet next week.

d)   FA Officer Openings: FA President, FA VP (one volunteer), and IFO Board (one volunteer); EC Major Unit Reps for CLA (one volunteer), HBS (one volunteer), SCEE (one volunteer), SHHS, SOE (one volunteer), and SS (one volunteer) (all two-year terms); and FA Treasurer and FA Secretary (one-year-terms) Deadline to volunteer/nominate: February 26, 2019—announced.

e)   End-of-Year Dinner with Administration and IFO May 1 at Jules’ Bistro 5 pm—announced.


5)   Call for new agenda items—faculty search process for probationary faculty (Tuder); Complaints about Executive Committee (McCullar)


6)   Unfinished Business

a)   FA Standing Committee Charges (EC021219 6.a)—not discussed.

b)   Organizing Funds Update—discussed briefly.

c)    Agenda for Inviting Brent Jeffers to campus for an All-Faculty Event—agenda for event requested.

d)   Instituting an all-bargaining-unit celebration in Spring 2019—not discussed.


7)   New Business

a)   Book Store Issues (Tuder/for next EC 3/12/19)—to be discussed next meeting.

b)   Meet and Confer Agenda—to come/discuss at Pre-M&C 2/14/19 at 2 pm Primrose.

c)    Grant Proposal (Andzenge)—Hergert explained the situation. Andzenge stepped out of the room and there was discussion.

Motion that the Executive Committee believes it does not have the authority to intervene in this matter—(Jaede/Finch). Passed


Motion to have the FA President advise the committee to come up with a plan B for situations when the administrators are not available or because of weather, and to let applicants know what the plan B is—(Leigh/Panicker). Tabled


Motion to table until next meeting—(Leigh/Jaede). Passed


d)   Targeted Graduate Programs through Dean of SHHS (Sacin)—discussed. This is a state-wide question.

e)   Time Certain 4:15-5 pm—Talk with Dan Gregory, Provost, and La Vonne Cornell-Swanson, Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Affairs—items below discussed with Gregory and Cornell-Swanson.

Discussion Points:

i)     Faculty Association Resource People Attending Meetings with Deans

ii)   IFO Faculty Directing the Work of Members of Other Bargaining Units

iii)  Non-Discipline Disciplinary Actions

iv)  Adjunct Use

v)   Spring Evaluation of Deans under previous process update

f)    Faculty Search Process for Probationary Faculty (Tuder)—for next meeting.

g)   Complaints about Executive Committee; and Process, Role, and Transparency (McCullar)—for next meeting.


8)   Adjourn at 5:00 pm


Submitted by Polly Chappell, FA/IFO Union Office Operations Coordinator