FS101618 2.bApproved by EC 10/9/18 & FS 10/16/18

Executive Committee Minutes

Maple Room, Atwood

September 25, 2018


Attendance: (Those present indicated by an underline)

Officers: FA President Tom Hergert, Vice President Mark Jaede, Secretary Jamie Heiman, Treasurer Tina Sacin

IFO Board Members: Debra Leigh, Shawn Schooley 

Unit Representatives: CLA: Debra Japp (CMST), VACANT; COSE: Matt Julius (BIOL); HBS: Bill Hudson (FIRE); SCEE: Tony Hansen (EAS); SOTA: Matt Ferrell (MUSIC); SOE: Steven McCullar (ELHE); SHHS: Laura Finch (Kinesiology); SOPA: Dick Andzenge (CJ); SS: Cindy Gruwell (UL)

Negotiator: Tracy Ore (SOC)


1)   Call to order at 3:34 pm


2)   Approval of Minutes

a)   EC minutes of September 11, 2018 (EC092518 2.a)

Motion to approve EC minutes of September 11, 2018, and all actions included—(Gruwell/Ferrell). Passed


3)   Treasurer’s Report—Hergert gave a brief report.


4)   Announcements/Status Reports

a)   Grievances—report given. There was discussion.

b)   Provost and President Meetings Updates—Hergert gave an update.

c)    Special Fall Election Update—please vote.

d)   IFO Day October 2, 2018—please attend; brief update given.

e)   Law Suit Update—last Thursday morning was the first hearing. Hergert gave an update. There was brief discussion.

f)    IFO Board Update—the board met last week. The organizer position will sunset on November 30; there was discussion. The board endorsed political candidates. Jaede advised faculty to let students know the election is going and advise them to register.


5)   Call for new agenda items—Grad Faculty Status (Finch)


6)   Unfinished Business

a)   Discussion of Software Issues Related to Advising—Finch explained the issues in advising now that this has moved down the priority list. Hergert and Jaede will bring this to administration and report back to EC.

b)   IFO Response to the Supreme Court Decision (Hansen)—not discussed.

c)    Social Studies Education—Hergert explained that this is from early summer. The Social Studies Program Response in the UCC minutes were tabled. Hergert has heard from faculty and administrators who would like this to move forward, but EC will decide what to do. There was discussion.

From UCC April 26, 2018 minutes:

This request was not approved. UCC would like to reaffirm the statement from the last denial about the lack of depth in this program. “Social Studies teachers are hired to teach courses in several disciplines (history, political science, economics, geography, and behavioral sciences). In the current Social Studies Teaching program, the core courses give students a broad, but shallow, education in these disciplines. Students then choose a specialization in one of the disciplines for further depth. It is the opinion of UCC that all teachers need sufficient depth in some academic area. The current proposal further generalizes an already general program and allows students to graduate without sufficient depth in any area. It does not appear to effectively serve student needs.” UCC respectfully requests that all Social Studies units and Deans work together face-to-face to resolve their differences in the Social Studies emphasis. Please reconsider diminishing the lengthy list of electives.


Motion to take the Social Studies Education Response from UCC minutes of April 26, 2018, off the table—(Jaede/Japp). Passed


Motion to refer the Social Studies Education Response from UCC minutes of April 26, 2018, without recommendation, to Faculty Senate—(McCullar/Andzenge). Passed


7)   New Business

a)   Academic Affairs document (EC092518 7.a)—please review this document and when the Provost meets with EC this will be a major topic of discussion. Leigh discussed the diversity issue that needs to be reviewed by CARE team and Diversity Council. There was discussion.

b)   NextGen Request—this is replacement system for ISRS. They are looking for one faculty member to work with the committee. A call will go out soon and if you are interested be sure to volunteer.

c)    Grad Faculty Status (Finch)—Finch gave an update. The policy is not being followed, decisions are supposed to start with the departments; but they are going to the deans first. To be added to the Meet and Confer agenda. There was discussion.


8)   Adjournment at 5:58 pm


Submitted by Polly Chappell, FA/IFO Union Office Operations Coordinator