From Executive Committee Minutes June 20, 2006


Motion to amend motion from Grievance Committee (below)Passed    


Final Motion from Grievance Committee: Effective May 1, 2006, the policy of the Faculty Association at St. Cloud State University shall be that Grievances shall only go forward when the Grievance Committee chair, in consultation with the FA President (or President Elect in his/her absence), has determined that the action to be grieved is a violation of the IFO MNSCU Agreement, and that the requested remedy is consistent with the terms of that agreement. In particularly complicated cases, or when the FA President or the President Elect is a personal party to the grievance, consultation with the IFO Labor Relations Director shall take place.


Because the Faculty Association is a party to all grievances, we reserve the right to reject remedies requested by the grievant or offered by the administration.