SCSU IFO Committee Appointments

IFO Board of Directors

FA President Tom Hergert
FA Vice President Mark Jaede
IFO Board Member Debra Leigh
IFO Board Member Shawn Schooley

IFO Standing Committees

Academic Affairs Committee
Ajay Panicker 2019
Feminist Issues Committee
Elizabeth Scheel-Keita 2019
LGBTA+ Issues Committee
Rachel Wexelbaum  
Government Relations Committee
Shawn Schooley (I) and Dick Andzenge (R) 2019/2019
Multicultural Issues Committee
Melissa Prescott  
Multicultural Issues Committee
Debra Leigh (IFO Board Liaison)  

IFO Academic Affairs Committee subcommittees

AA Global Education Committee Geoffrey Tabakin 2019
AA Graduate Education Committee Vacant 2020
TC Learning Environment Committee Tom Hergert 2020

IFO Continuing Committees

Action Committee
Jill Zasadny 2019
Contingent Appointments (Adjunct) Jill Zasadny 2020
Contingent Appointments (Fixed-Term) Alex Polacco 2019
Disabilities Advocacy Committee
Consoler Teboh 2019
Election Voting Procedures Committee
Ning Hou 2019
Salary Equity Committee
Shiju Zhang 2019

IFO/MnSCU Committees

Assessment for Course Placement Sandra Johnson 2020
Assessment for Course Placement
Stepahnie Houdeck 2020