DATE:             September 5, 2013          


TO:                  Ellyn Bartges, Equity and Affirmative Action Officer

                        Mary Bongers, Human Resources

                        Loren Boone, Asst Vice President for Marketing & Communication

                        Patrick Jacobson-Schulte, Associate Vice President for Financial Management and Budget

                        Julie Condon, Coordinator, College ESL

                        Mark Vargas, Dean of Learning Resources Services

Lisa Foss, Associate Vice President for Strategy, Planning & Effectiveness

Patricia Hughes, Interim Dean and Associate Provost for Research

                        Georgian Gross, Parking Coordinator

                        William Hudson, SCSU Faculty Athletic Representative

                        Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

                        Wanda Overland, Vice President for Student Life & Development

                        Ron Seibring, Director of Campus Recreation

                        Lalita Subrahmanyan, Director of Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

                        Pat Thielman, Human Resources

                        Jessica Ostman, Interim Director of Atwood Memorial Center

                        Jeff Wagner, Director of Business Services

                        Owen Zimpel, Director of Student Disabilities Services

                        Phil Godding, Special Advisor to the Provost


FROM:             Earl H. Potter III


SUBJECT:       University Administrative Committee Appointments – 2013-14



I am now in the process of making appointments for 2013-14 and would appreciate your assistance.  Please decide whom you will recommend for appointment, or reappointment, on the committees for which you are responsible on the attached list.  Please work with the appropriate union leaders to obtain names of those to recommend for appointment or reappointment.  After checking with the recommended people to be sure they are willing to serve, please forward their names to Sue Maddux so that I may make the appointments.


I have included a brief synopsis of the responsibilities of each committee.  If you wish to update or change these responsibilities, please give changes to Sue Maddux in my office so that we can include them in the








Page 2

September 5, 2013



appointment letters.  I would like to complete this process within one to two weeks so that all administrative committees can be fully staffed as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your help.






cc:       Steve Hornstein, President, Faculty Association

            Laurie Luethmers, President, AFSCME - Council 5

            Mike Terhune, Association Representative, MAPE

            Brenda Zamlen, President, MSUAASF

            Eric Petersen, SGA President








Academic Calendar Committee  (Phil Godding)



Academic Facility Rental Committee  (Margaret Vos)

This committee is charged with the responsibility of developing and recommending policies, procedures and rental rates for events scheduled in academic buildings on campus.


Chair:  Atwood Memorial Center Director:

Academic Affairs Representative (familiar with System 25/Smart Classrooms):

Director of University Communications:

Director of Buildings and Grounds:

Director of Instructional Technologies:

Director of Residential Life:

Chair of Music Department:

Director of Sports Facilities and Campus Recreation:

Director of Educational Conferences, Center for Continuing Studies:

Director of University Program Board:

Director of University Conferences & Scheduling:

Three Student Representatives:



ADA Committee  (Owen Zimpel, Chair)

The ADA Committee will address and respond to ADA issues across campus by recommending policies and procedures that reflect established Best Practices.  The ADA Committee will promote accessibility to services and facilities that goes beyond mere compliance and strives to help create a campus that is truly welcoming to all.


Equity and Affirmative Action Officer:

Director of Human Resources or Designee:

Director of Buildings and Grounds Management:

Director of Student Disability Services:

Student representative appointed by Student Government:

Faculty representative appointed by Faculty Association:

Staff representative appointed by AFSCME:

Representative appointed by Academic Affairs Council:

Representative from Technology Services appointed by CIO:



Affirmative Action Compliance Advisory Committee  (Ellyn Bartges)

The charge of this group initially is to look at the policies and climate of the university to help review and recommend to the President, ideas and goals that will be supportive of, beneficial to, and in keeping with the mission and intent of SCSU’s statement of non-discrimination.


AFSCME Representative

IFO Representative

MAPE Representative

MMA Representative

MSUAASF Representative

American Indian Center Director

Athletics Director

Center for Holocaust & Genocide Education Faculty Director

Equity & Affirmative Action Office Staff Member

Facilities Management Director

Human Resources Director

LGBT Resource Center Director

Multicultural Resource Center Faculty Director

Multicultural Student Services Director

Public Safety Director

Student Disability Services Director

Student Government Association Representative

Women’s Center Director

Tech Specialist



Assessment Steering Committee  (Lisa Foss)

The mission of the SCSU Assessment Steering Committee is to improve student learning through facilitating, monitoring, and improving the assessment of programs across the University.

Convener of Committee:

Herberger School of Business:

School of Education:

College of Liberal Arts:

School of the Arts:

College of Science and Engineering:

School of Computer, Engineering and the Environment:

School of Public Affairs:

School of Health and Human Services:

Learning Resources:

Liberal Education Committee:

Continuing Studies:

Academic Affairs:

Graduate Studies:

Student Life & Development:

CETL Director:

Undergraduate Studies:

Student Government Association:



Atwood Center Council  (Jessica Ostman)

The Atwood Center Council shall serve primarily as an advisory body to the Atwood director.  Its recommendations will be given appropriate weight in decisions affecting Atwood Center policies.  In addition to its advisory capacity, the council may initiate and examine goals, policies and guidelines for the use of Atwood Center facilities and will review and evaluate the operational budget.



Representative from following areas:


   Atwood Staff:

   Building Managers:


   Graduate Students:

   Multicultural Student Services:

   Residence Hall Association:

   Student Government:

   Center for Student Organizations & Leadership Development:

   University Programming:

Ex-officio, non-voting members:

   Atwood Director:

   Associate Director, Operations:

   Director, Conferences & Scheduling Office:

   Director, University Programming:

Sodexo Campus Dining Services Staff:

   Food Service General Manager:

   Catering Director:

   Location Manager, Atwood:


   Retail Manager:



Bookstore Fund Committee  (Jeff Wagner)

This committee is charged with the important responsibility of establishing guidelines and making recommendations for the allocation of moneys in the University bookstore account.


Chair: Associate Vice President for Financial Management and Budget:

Representative from Student Life and Development (to be named by VP for Student

     Life and Development):

Alumni Representative:

Two Faculty Representatives:

Five Students:



Communication Technologies Committee  ( Loren Boone)

The Communication Technologies Committee provides direction and makes recommendations to the university vice presidents through the Provost regarding SCSU communication technologies including but not limited to the world-wide web, social media, digital signage, portals, way-finding devices, email, telephony, closed circuit TV, personal communication devices and other mobile devices in support of the university’s mission and goals.  The committee recommends and oversees standards and policies, sets priorities for communication technologies-related projects, makes budget recommendations and ensures that accurate and timely information is presented to the campus community in an accessible and user-friendly manner.  The committee interfaces with the university’s technology and communications planning.


Assistant Vice President for Marketing & Communications

2 Campus Technology designees appointed by CIO

Web Manager

Admissions representative appointed by Director of Admissions

1 Student Life & Development Council Representative appointed by VP for SLD

2 Academic Affairs Council Representatives appointed by VP for Academic Affairs

1 Administrative Affairs Council Representative appointed by VP for Administrative Affairs

2 Students appointed by Student Government Association

3 Faculty members appointed by the Faculty Association

1 Representative from Athletics appointed annually by the VP for Advancement

1 University Advancement Representative appointed annually by the VP for Advancement

Ex-officio Non-voting Members:

            IT Directors

            Web Communications Director

            Teaching Learning Technology Roundtable representative



Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee  (Lalita Subrahmanyan)

The committee reviews the composition and responsibilities of the committee on an annual basis.  The committee meets regularly with the director to facilitate program development; minutes are forwarded to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Faculty Association President and are also on file in the Center office.


All members must be Faculty Association members.

Ten Faculty Representatives.

One from Herberger Business School:

            One from School of Education:

            Two from College of Liberal Arts:

            One from School of the Arts:

            One from College of Science & Engineering:

            One from School of Computing, Engineering and Environment:

            One from School of Public Affairs:

            One from School of Health & Human Services:

            One from Special Services:

Ex-officio, non-voting one-year members:

   Faculty Association Executive Committee Representative: 

   Other ad-hoc as needed:



Diversity Advisory Council (Miguel Martinez-Saenz)

The Diversity Advisory Council (DivAC) comprised of faculty, staff, community members and students will advise and inform the President of St. Cloud State University regarding issues and matters of creating, advancing and supporting a diverse and inclusive campus community. Members will be engaged in this work.  The Council will support building and sustaining on-going education, exploration and other steps that will lead to accomplishing the university’s commitment to diversity and its vision and mission. The group will be led by a Chair or Co-Chairs appointed by the President and guided by the Diversity Task Force Report, St. Cloud State and MnSCU work plans, priorities and initiatives.


The DivAC will be composed of three distinct groups (Affiliated SCSU Committees & Centers, Partners, and University Units) having interest and expertise in creating, advancing and supporting a diverse and inclusive campus community.



Affiliated SCSU Committees and Centers


                        ADA (1)

                        Affirmative Action Compliance and Advisory (1)

                        Faculty Athletics Advisory Committee (1)

                        Gender Equity Advisory (1)


                        Multicultural Resource (1)

                        Holocaust and Genocide Education (1)

Center for International Studies (1)

                        AIC (1)

                        Women’s (1)

                        LGBT (1)

                        Veterans (1)

                        Multicultural Student Services (1)



            CARE (1)

            ARPAC (1)

            SGA Diversity (2)

            FA Diversity (3)

            Center for Access & Opportunity (1)

            Faculty and Staff of Color Caucus (1)

            Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers (1)


University Units

            Academic Affairs (2)

            Finance & Administrative Affairs (1)

                Public Safety (1)

                Human Resources (1)

Student Life & Development (1)

     Disability Services (1)

Athletics & Recreation (1)

Advancement & Alumni (1)

Equity & Affirmative Action (1)

Bargaining Groups (5)






SGA (3)


The DivAC will have these sub-committees:

            Communications & Logistics

            Awards, Scholarships and Grants






Faculty Athletics Advisory Committee (Bill Hudson)

The purpose of the Faculty Athletics Advisory Committee (FAAC) is to advise the Director of Athletics on matters relating to the academic success of student athletes.


The Committee will be chaired by the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) and shall meet four times per year (September, December, February and April).  The membership of the Committee will be one member from each college and independent school.


The Committee may offer advice on any matter that affects student-athlete academic success including but not limited to:  NCAA regulations and the University’s position on proposed changes to those regulations, compliance with NCAA and MnSCU regulations, class attendance policies and their enforcement, academic support services for student-athletes, and budgetary and management practices that affect the student-athlete experience.


The Director of Athletics will regularly inform the President that the Committee has met and consulted with the Director.


Chair:  Institutional Representative to the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference:

Representative from Academic Affairs:

Representative from Administrative Affairs:

Representative from Title IX:

Two Student Representatives:

Ten Faculty Representatives.  (2-yr. terms, selected from those who do not have

    coaching assignments)

One from Herberger Business School:

            One from School of Education:

            Two from College of Liberal Arts:

            One from School of the Arts:

            One from College of Science & Engineering:

            One from School of Computing, Engineering and Environment:

            One from School of Public Affairs:

            One from School of Health & Human Services:

            One from Special Services:

Non-Voting Resource Representatives:

   Athletic Director:

   Associate Athletic Director & Senior Women’s Administrator:



First-Year and Transition Advisory Board  (Miguel Martinez-Saenz)

The First-Year and Transition Advisory Board will support the work of Undergraduate Education and Student Support Services in providing incoming new entering first-year (NEF) students and new incoming transfer students a supported university experience in their first year at SCSU.    Specifically, the Advisory Board will facilitate necessary connections to key areas of campus support and academic departments relevant to the transition experience and first-year academic experiences of these students.  The Board will advise on programming related to the Common Reading Program, academic components of New Student Orientation, programming and services for provisionally admitted students, living and learning communities, and the summer bridge program, as well as other new initiatives.




Ten Faculty Representatives.

One from Herberger Business School:

            One from School of Education:

            Two from College of Liberal Arts:

            One from School of the Arts:

            One from College of Science & Engineering:

            One from School of Computing, Engineering and Environment:

            One from School of Public Affairs:

            One from School of Health & Human Services:

            One from Special Services:


Director of First-Year and Transition Programs

Director of Academic Initiatives

One Admissions representative

One representative from the Advising Center

One representative from Residential Life

One Student:



Gender Equity Advisory Committee  (Ellyn Bartges)

The mission of the Gender Equity Advisory Committee (GEAC) is to serve as an advisory committee to the President, the Equity & Affirmative Action/Title IX Compliance Officer, and the Athletic Director on all issues relevant to Title IX concerns, practices and compliance, as well as overall gender equity in St. Cloud State University’s athletics, recreation (intramurals) and club sport programs.  The committee is charged by the Equity & Affirmative Action Office through the federally mandated Title IX compliance officer.  The committee will complete an annual review of the Gender Equity Plan to provide direction for the aforementioned programs in all areas of compliance embraced in fact and spirit by Title IX of the Education Act of 1972.  Additionally, the committee will provide oversight to issues surrounding diversity, equity, student well-being, academic integrity, non-discrimination, and assurance of integrity of the process surrounding NCAA rules compliance.


Membership representation includes:

2 Admissions:

1 Advising Center:

1 Athletic Training:

1 Campus Recreation:

2 Coaches-Female:

1 Coach-Female dual sport:

1 Coach - Female Div I sport:

1 Coach-Male:

1 Coach-Male dual sport:

Compliance Officer-Rec & Reg:

2 Counseling Center:

EAAO/Title IX Officer:

3 Faculty-Female:

1 Faculty-Male:

FAR-Faculty Athletic Rep:

1 Financial Aid:

1 LGBT Resource Ctr:

Registrar-Rec & Reg:

2 Student Athlete-Female:

1 Student Athlete-Div 1 Female:              

2 Student Athlete-Male:

1 Student Athlete-Div 1 Male:

Student Health Services:

Women's Center:



Health & Wellness Committee  (Pat Thielman)

The purpose of this committee is to promote health and well being for the SCSU community.



2 IFO:








Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Committee  (Lisa Foss)

This committee is constituted for a Higher Learning Commission visit.  The next visit is 2017. 



Honorary Doctorate Committee  (Patricia Hughes)

This committee is responsible for reviewing nominations for honorary doctorates.



    Four full professors (serve four-year staggered terms):

Two College Deans (serve two-year staggered terms):

Associate Provost for Research (serve as Chair):

President of the Alumni Association Board (ex-officio, non voting):

Chair of the Foundation Board (ex-officio, non voting):



Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee  (Linda Donnay)

This committee (IACUC) assures that research and teaching activities involving live vertebrate animals are in compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulations as well as University policies and assurances.  The committee is responsible for oversight and evaluation of all laboratory-based and selected field-based animal use activities occurring on campus and/or utilizing University facilities or equipment.


Chairperson-Representative from University Faculty or Staff

Veterinarian-Representative from Community

Scientist experienced with animal research-Representative from Community or University


Faculty Representative from non-science department

Community member interested in proper care and treatment of animals

University Animal Facility Manager

Committee Administrator-Representative from University Faculty or Staff



Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects  (Linda Donnay)

This committee is charged with reviewing all faculty/staff and some student research activities involving human subjects to ensure that the activities comply with the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects.


Three Administrators (Including Associate Provost for Research and at least one MSUAASF member):


Faculty Representative from Psychology:

Faculty Representative from Philosophy:

Faculty Representative from Sociology:

Two Faculty Representatives:

One Community-At-Large Representative:



International Student Services Committee  (Julie Condon)

This committee will be an advisory committee to the Associate Vice President for International Studies, which focuses on the improvement of the learning environment for international students at St. Cloud State University.  The Committee will address concerns and issues that arise for international students on campus and recommend necessary actions and policies to the administration.

Ten Faculty Representatives.

One from Herberger Business School:

            One from School of Education:

            Two from College of Liberal Arts:

            One from School of the Arts:

            One from College of Science & Engineering:

            One from School of Computing, Engineering and Environment:

            One from School of Public Affairs:

            One from School of Health & Human Services:

            One from Special Services:

Four Students:

Four Student Services Staff:


   Health Services:



Two Administrative Representatives:

   Associate VP for International Studies (ex-officio):

   Director of International Student and Scholar Services (ex-officio):

One Community Advocate Representative:



MSUAASF Campus Evaluation Committee  (Fran Umerski)

The purpose of this committee is to assign MSUAASF positions to appropriate salary ranges.


Administrator (appointed by Director of Human Resources)

Human Resources Representative (appointed by Director of Human Resources and serves as

  convener of the committee)

MSUAASF Representative (appointed by the local MSUAASF president)



Neighborhood University Community Council  (NUCC) (Loren Boone)

This committee is charged with the responsibility to provide a vehicle for continuing communication of concerns among SCSU, neighborhood, and St. Cloud community; to create an environment of continuing mutual respect and support; to make communications to member groups and other organizations on issues affecting the welfare of the neighborhood, community, and university; to actively work to solve problems affecting the three groups.


6 appointed from SCSU to include:

            A Vice President of SCSU

            The Public Safety Director, or designee

            3 representatives appointed by the President of SCSU

            An SCSU faculty member appointed by the Faculty Association

5 appointed SCSU students:

            3 appointed by the Student Government

            An appointee by the Greek Council

            An appointee by the Residential Hall Association

6 appointed from the City of St. Cloud to include:

            The Mayor of St. Cloud

            2 City Council members, appointed by the City Council

            A representative appointed by the Chief of Police

            A representative appointed by the St. Cloud Downtown Council

            A representative appointed by the St. Cloud Ministerial Association

5 appointed by the St.  Cloud Historical and Neighborhood Preservation Association

3 appointed building managers or owners:

            2 representatives of the Multiple Housing Association

            1 building manager/owner appointed by NUCC



Parking Appeals Committee  (Georgian Gross)

The committee is formed to: ensure the parking program is consistently enforced; promote the orderly and safe flow of vehicles and pedestrians while on university property; provide fair and equitable review of contested parking citations and violations; assist to determine parking lot sign wording and strategic location; examine parking lot safety violations and make

recommendations for improvement; make recommendations on parking lot layouts and signs; provide information for the Parking Rules and Regulations Booklet; advise on permit fees, ticket fees and other additional costs; recommend disciplinary actions to the Student Life Judiciary Board for major infractions or habitual minor offenders; assist Parking Coordinator/Security Director investigate controversial parking problems and make recommendations for improvements.


Public Safety Parking Coordinator (Chairperson; non-voting)

2 Student positions (at least one appointed by Student Government)

2 IFO (Faculty) representatives

2 MAPE representatives

2 AFSCME representatives

2 MMA representatives (one being the Supervisor of Grounds and Roads, Buildings & Grounds)

2 MSUAASF representatives



Recreation Advisory Committee  (Ron Seibring)

This committee is charged with the important responsibility of serving in an advisory role to the Director of Sport Facilities/Campus Recreation in areas relating to sports clubs and development, budget and facility use.


1 Fitness Advisory Committee Representative:

1 Intramural Advisory Committee Representative:

1 Outdoor Program Committee Representative:

1 Sport Club Council Representative:

1 Faculty Representative:

1 RHA Representative:

1 Student Government Representative:

1 Fee Allocation Committee Representative:

1 Nontraditional Student Representative:



Safety Committee  (Mary Bongers)

This committee is charged with the important responsibility of promoting a successful safety and health program aimed at accident and illness prevention.


(Chair elected by committee at its first meeting of school year)

Three SCSU Representatives appointed by

    Vice President for Administrative Affairs:

Four Representatives of AFSCME Council 5:

One Student Representative:

One MAPE Representative:

  (Minnesota Association of Professional Employees)

One Middle Management Representative:

One Faculty Representative from the College

  of Science and Engineering which includes the School of Computing, Engineering and


One MSUAASF Representative:



Scholarship, Research and Creative Achievement Committee  (Patricia Hughes)

This committee will be charged with the following responsibilities:  foster a positive and supportive climate that allows SCSU faculty and staff the opportunity to engage in research, scholarship, and creative activity; facilitate the implementation of the Community of Scholars work plan; make funding recommendations for student research and other SCSU awards funded by OSP; foster communications and collaborations with our external partners and stakeholders; make recommendations relating to research, scholarship, and creative activity procedures  and policy (policy issues will subsequently be reviewed through the appropriate governance channels); periodically review and update the Community of Scholars work plan.


Co-Chairs:  Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Education:

                    FA-elected faculty:

Ten Faculty Representatives.

One from Herberger Business School:

            One from School of Education:

            Two from College of Liberal Arts:

            One from School of the Arts:

            One from College of Science & Engineering:

            One from School of Computing, Engineering and Environment:

            One from School of Public Affairs:

            One from School of Health & Human Services:

            One from Special Services:

Business Office Representative – Appointed by VP of Finance and Administration:

AVP for International Studies – Appointed by President:

LRTS College Research Liaison – Appointed by Provost:

Director of CETL – Appointed by Provost:

MSUAASF President or designee – Appointed by President of MSUAASF:

Two Deans - Appointed by Academic Affairs Council:

Office of Sponsored Programs (IRB representative) – Appointed by AP of Research:

Office of Sponsored Programs (IACUC representative) – Appointed by AP of Research

Student Government Representative – Appointed by Student Government President:

Two Ex-officio Representatives

            President of St. Cloud Area Economic Development Partnership–Appointed by President:

            Representative with involvement in regional business, industry, non-profit or the arts-

            Appointed by President:



Service Learning Advisory Committee  (Beth Knutson-Kolodzne)   

The committee will promote and foster the use of service-learning at SCSU, help to ensure high-quality implementation of service-learning, promote direction and priorities outlined in the Community Engagement Vision and Implementation Plan as it relates to service-learning, promote and foster reciprocal partnerships between community and university as it relates to service-learning.


19 Faculty Representatives:

            Two from Herberger Business School

            Two from School of Education

            Three from College of Liberal Arts

            Two from College of Science and Engineering

            Two from School for Health and Human Services

            Two from School of the Arts

            Two from School of Public Affairs   

            Two from School of Computing, Engineering and Environment

            Two from Special Services

Two Student Representatives – Appointed by Student Government President

Associate Director for Civic Engagement

Faculty-Liaison for Service-Learning

Ex-officio Representative of University Administration – Appointed by Provost

Community Partners:

One Representative of St. Cloud Area Volunteer Coordinators

One Representative of United Way Manager of Partnerships & Services

RSVP Program Coordinator



Strategic Planning Committee  (Lisa Foss)

The committee will work to maintain a quality educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students; establish enrollment goals which match capacity and resources; establish practices that support internal and external community building; provide state-of-the-art, discipline specific technologies that improve teaching, learning, service and access and create an environment that welcomes and empowers people and builds organizational strength through domestic and global diversity.



Appointment by Position:

   AVP for Budget:

   AVP for Enrollment Management:


   Chair of General Education Committee:

   Assoc Provost for Undergrad Education:

   Director of Admissions:

   Advising Center:

   Director of Assessment:

   Director of CETL:

   Director of Institutional Research:

   FA President:

   FA Past-President:

Four MnSCU Administrators:

Faculty Representatives:

  College of Liberal Arts:

  School of the Arts:

  School of Education:

  Herberger Business School:

  School of Public Affairs:

  College of Science and Engineering:

  School of Computing, Engineering and Environment:

  School of Health and Human Services:

  Special Services:

Unit Representatives:

   Two MSUAASF Representatives:

   Two MMA Representatives:

   Two MAPE Representatives:

   Two AFSCME Council 5 Representatives:

   Two Student Life and Development Representatives:

   Three Student Representatives:



Student Government Fee Allocation Committee  (Wanda Overland)

This committee is charged with the important responsibility of examining the programming and staffing of SGFAC, the Student Center, Student Health Services and make recommendations to the President regarding their findings.


Convener:   V.P. for Student Life and Development (or designee):

Vice President for Finance and Administration (or designee):         

Seven Student Representatives (Student Government President; Chair, Student Government Fee Allocation Committee; five elected by Student Government):





Student Success Steering Committee  (Miguel Martinez-Saenz)

The Steering Committee on Student Success (SCSS) will be charged with developing a comprehensive approach to student recruitment, retention and success. The SCSS will make recommendations regarding policies and procedures, and on the integration and assessment of student recruitment, retention and success initiatives across the university. The Steering Committee on Student Success will be advisory to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Co-Chair:  Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Student Support Services

Co-Chair:  Faculty member elected from the Steering Committee membership

Ten Faculty Representatives.

One from Herberger Business School:

            One from School of Education:

            Two from College of Liberal Arts:

            One from School of the Arts:

            One from College of Science & Engineering:

            One from School of Computing, Engineering and Environment:

            One from School of Public Affairs:

            One from School of Health & Human Services:

            One from Special Services:

Academic Affairs representative (Appointed by the Provost):

Student Life and Development representative (Appointed by VP Student Life and Development):

Graduate education representative (Appointed by the AP Graduate Education and Research):

Center for International Studies representative (Appointed by the AVP International Education):

Center for Continuing Studies representative (Appointed by the Dean of Continuing Studies):

Honors representative (Appointed by the AP UE&SSS):

Division of General Studies representative (Appointed by the AP UE&SSS):

Advising Center representative (Appointed by the AP UE&SSS):

Strategy, Planning & Effectiveness representative (Appointed by AP Strategy, Planning & Effectiveness):

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Student Support Services:

Admissions Director:

Career Services Director:

College/School Student Relations Coordinators (6):

Financial Aid Director:

Multicultural Student Services Director:

Residential Life Director:

Lindgren Child Care Center Director:



Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable (TLTR)     (Suspend for one year)

This committee is charged with supporting SCSU’s strategic goal to achieve leadership in communications and information technology in instruction and administration.  The committee makes recommendations regarding planning and policy issues related to all aspects of computer and communications technology usage on campus.  All members of the campus community are invited to attend any and all meetings including students, faculty, staff and administrators.  Members of the external community are also welcome.


Convener :

Faculty Association Representatives:


University Archives Committee  (Keith Ewing)

This committee maintains the corporate memory of St. Cloud State University by preserving and making available for use the University records and publications of continuing value.  Materials in the Archives document the University’s development and serve as a convenient source of reliable information about University programs, people, policies, and property.  The University Archives also houses and manages records from organizations connected to St. Cloud State, as well as special collections.


University Archivist (as convener)

Representative from President’s or Provost’s office (appointed by the Provost)

Associate Dean for Library Services

Director Central Minnesota History Center, ex-officio

2 faculty representatives (appointed by the Faculty Association; preferably one from the History department and one from the library)

Student representative (appointed by the Student Government Association)

Emeritus faculty or retired staff person (recruited by the Archivist)

A staff member (recruited by the Archivist)